2021 • AMERICA
Shaylyn Ford

2020 • IRELAND
Kate Schneider

2019 • VIETNAM
Jennifer Lee

2018 • HONG KONG
Alice Lee Gianetta

2017 • PERU
Guiliana Miryam Zevallos

Candice Abrahams

2015 • BELARUS
Marina Alekseichik

2013 • AMERICA
Kaley Sparling

2011 • AMERICA
April Lufriu

2009 • RUSSIA
Victoria Radochinskaya

2008 • UKRAINE
Natayla Shmarenkova

2007 • AMERICA
Diane Tucker

2006 • RUSSIA
Sofia Arzhakovskaya

2005 • ISRAEL
Sima Bakahr

Suzanna Vichinrut

2002 • AMERICA
Nicole Brink

2001 • INDIA
Dr. Aditi Govtrikar

2000 • AMERICA
Starla Stanley

Marisol Soto de Volio

1989 •PERU
Lucila Boggiano

1988 • AMERICA

Barbara  Riley

Astrid de Navia

1984 • SRI LANKA
Rosy Senanayake

The Concept for “Mrs. World” has its roots in one of the oldest and most respected of all competitions – “Mrs. America.” Mrs America was the first pageant celebrating the uniqueness of the married woman, her family and community – to this day Mrs America now entering its forty second year remains the pre eminent of a now crowded category.  Imitation is the purest form of flattery.

Mrs World features directors in eighty countries which has elevated the combined systems to the largest and most successful of its genre in the world.  Come enjoy the magic of either.

Over the years, “MRS. WORLD” has been produced in many fascinating locations around the world including: Queensland; Australia; Jerusalem; israel; San Jose; Costa RIca; Honolulu; Hawaii (4 years); Las Vegas, Nevada (3 years); 2005, Amby Valley, India near Bombay; 2006 in St. Petersburg, 2007 in Sochi Russia and 2008 in Kaliningrad, Russia, and the 2009 international broadcast of Mrs. World originated from Ba Rua Vung Tau Province, Vietnam. In December 2011 the Mrs. World competition was held in Orlando Florida. In 2013 the pageant was held in Guangzhou, China, 2014 in Solomons, Maryland, 2015 in Dongguan, China, 2016 in South Korea, 2017 in South Africa and in December of 2019 we will be back home at the Westgate Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada – USA!

The Mrs World Competitions were known as Mrs. Woman of the World for their 1984, 1986 and 1987 Competitions.  There was no competition in 1985,  1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994.